Art from Karpathos - Καλλιόπη Παυλίδου : Η Κάρπαθος

Giannis Pavlidis - Soufranou apo tin Andro

Olympos, is a village on the highest grounds of the island Karpathos. Bold mountains to be hugging and protecting it.

A place which becomes a crossroad for all the winds of nature. In our dialect we call them "sorokada", "greo", "proventza" and "bonentis". There is no name more proper since bonentis is the name of the cloud that spreads itself inside the village bringing you closer to God! But still in this village that often faces the wrath of nature, the locals have discovered magical ways to "tamme" the wild.

It is a place worldwide renowned for its ancient customs and traditions that are kept alive until today in a lovely manner. There where culture suggests the greatest weapon against sorrow but also joy. For every good or bad they might face. They fest and sing. Whoever happens to participate in such festivals, swiftly understands that joy and sorrow are both expressed with the first human reaction after birth.

They cry from emotion for their happiness but also to denote the grief for the loss of their own people or other people in the village. There is excess to be found in their emotions because this is how these people are made. Tough in looks with no cosmetics. They do not wish to prove they are something not real. They are true!

However, they carry a huge soul, that happily 'imposes' them hospitality to everyone that visits their village, and every visitor always keeps the best memories. It not by chance that people from around the world always spend their vacation in Olympos of Karpathos.

Nothing more than the simple and authentic... A painting very true. Like all of them...