Art from Karpathos - Kalliopi Pavlidou

Giannis Pavlidis - Soufranou apo tin Andro

It is often said that origin, determines the DNA, the character, the ways of a person. Sometimes even the dreams.

Looking back through my life, and what I was searching since the early years of my life, I would say that this is a fact.

My origin is from the village ‘Olympos’ in the island of Karpathos. A place, that leaves a mark on you even if you are just passing by.

Imagine the extent if you also descent from this village. A village with culture, customs and traditions that even today may enchant you. Its sign, is the fanatic persistency of the people there to maintain everything alive.

Since I was young, my sense of Art has always been developed. In a mood to constantly desire to express all my feelings on paper, in the form of shapes and colour. And thus, through drawings ‘give wings’ to my imagination. Going through my artworks, I always reckoned my unconscious choice to travel back to the place of my ancestry. To get inspirations from those safe-kept summers in the village.

I wonder, is there another way to externalise those inner feelings for someone like me, growing among two ‘devotees’ parents. A Father who filled the soundtrack of our youth with nothing but music, and a Mother who endorses ‘Rhythm” as an inevitable part of every aspect in her life.

I never chased after this. It came along like this piece of charcoal that dyed itself deep into the paper and together flew towards the village only to speak to all of you.

Kalliopi Paulidouphotoshooting by Antonis Giannelis